A Swampy Refuge

Golden Retrievers


(translated from Hieratic Nithian)

All glory be to thee, Mitra, Lord of Wide Pastures,
Lord of the Thousand Eyes,
Ever-Vigilant, Ever-Watchful.
Might of the Sun, Herald of the Dawn, Healer of the sick,
whose hallowed tongue, enveloped in sacred flame, speaks only truth.
I, Ramir Purnanjabat, Son of Vigeta, Initiate of the Holy Order of Falaqim,
hereby write of my deeds to glorify thy name.

It was thy will, Lord Mitra, that my previous journal, which had spoken of my travels from the glorious lands of Nithia to the strange and beautiful kingdoms of Karameikos, was destroyed when it fell into the water at a rather simple river crossing. As such, I shall not question thy divine will, but shall merely begin anew, and revisit those memories at a later time. Where to begin? I shall say that it was through your divine providence, Lord Mitra, that I have joined the group of adventurers known as the Golden Retrievers, and my heart has been glad for it, for they are an honorable and kind group of individuals. In our short time together, there have been many trials and tribulations that we have weathered together, and I know that many more await us. However, I am emboldened by their camaraderie, and by the knowledge that with every hardship, my will shall be tempered as a blade in a forge.

My compatriots and I had set sail for the port city of Calmer, and I had been below decks, praying and meditating for hours, and finally falling into a dreamless sleep, when we were caught in a massive storm of sinister proportions which destroyed the mast of our ship. Some of our party members claim to have seen an unholy wolf god of eastern lands at the onset of the storm. It is curious to note that a former member of our party, an eastern noble known as Tetsuga, hailed from the same lands as this horrible deity. I pray to thee, Lord Mitra, that Tetsuga’s soul rests in peace and tranquility, but the story of his demise shall come soon.Whatever its cause, the storm eventually dissipated, and we were forced to dock at a small coastal town known as Woods Hollow.

There, we learned of the disappearance of two youths, a boy and girl, lovers, who had run off into the mountains to escape the enmity of their respective families. As such, we came into the employ of their families, one, a noble household who lived on a vast estate, and the other, a more pastoral people, similar to the Vadruni travelers of my homeland.

We followed their trail up into the mountains, thanks in part to the tracking talents of the lithe and intelligent Qber, an exemplary member of the diminutive halfling race. As we did so, we encountered a fierce troll who attacked us, but due to the nature of our diverse and powerful talents, was quickly dispatched. We continued along the trail, giving praise to thee, Lord Mitra, that the tracks continued, and that the youths did not appear to have been attacked by any other unsavory creatures. However, we quickened our pace, knowing that the longer it took for us to find them, the less likely it would be to guarantee their safety.


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