A Swampy Refuge

Castle Bluvat

It seemed time stood still after Wygarth left and Ramir and Sovalis arrived. We could see the castle but the world seemed to be on hold.

Awake in a new world

Ramir and Sovalis had a good night. Took and I did not. At least the girls did not attempt a direct attempt on their life.

The night was life changing for Sovalis. He achieved a transcendent state where he had some kind of out of body experience where he gained understanding, total understanding. He tells us a tale, somewhat believable, of us being travelers in dual worlds and how we must heal the rift.

We speak with Wygarth. He captured the necromancer and tells us the location of The Brazier. It is in Castle Bluvat which lies several days travel to the North.

I spend some time talking to Conan the Librarian about the location of the Castle Bluvat. (I remember that “Bluvat” is a word meaning “Bluff” as in cliff in a common Northern language called Ostland. Strange that a castle this far south is so named). I meet the rest of the group at the North Gate at lunch time.

We pass an old fork in the road with only one way passable, up. In the mountains we find a wide shallow stream and ford across. I cast fly on Took so he can stay dry and fully armored. He carries Dog and I across. The stream is not water. It’s some kind of sweet alcohol but is not clean and my attempts to filter it fail. I fill a water skin with the alcohol trying to get as little of the sediment in it as possible.

At the end of the day we come across a 4 story tower in a tight valley. There is a sign of some sort with faded words in the old Northern language of Ostlinder. There is the word “groundskeeper” that seems to be marred in some way. There is also a mention of 800 that might be part of a date in a elvish calendar. It would align with the time of the old Elvish kingdom in this region.

Took opens the big stuck double doors at the entrance and as I walk in I choke and gag on the dust that is kicked up. I spend some time cleaning the room with prestidigitation. We search it and notice a set of crates near the fireplace. Took opens the crates to find they are filled with glass alchemical equipment. I’ll use them later to clean the alcohol I gathered from the river. I slip a funnel and a wide bottomed flask into my pack.

The second floor is a large arcane lab with many workstations. It was 1/2 packed to move out of the tower. There is less dust, it’s not clean but not as bad as below.

The Third floor is a bedroom dominated by a huge canopy bed. The fire burns petrified logs without heat. Sovalis figures out that the fire is a “bone fire” caused by some sort of ritual of the dead. The ritual would not last more than a few days so there has been someone evil here who cast the evil ritual. This room has NO dust. There are drawers under the bed with underclothes and wizard robes. The desk is covered in papers. I spend some time with Sovalis to read the magical writings. The normal basis of the arcane is Draconic, this guy is attempting to combine an ancient language of the Fey to create something new. Crazy rambling that doesn’t make sense with pining for a lost love intermixed. Some of the observations are actually quite astute. Sovalis remembers a tale of the founding of Clamer. Specifically of the war with the Elves in which a mage named Revenmar was instrumental in the humans triumph. He had a wife that was cursed to live forever with a thirst for drinking from living beings and Revenmar vowed to live until she could rest. Sovalis’s revelation said the “other us” fought her recently in the “other Castle Bluvat”, she got away.

The fourth floor, I see a lich lying in wait. We retreat back down stairs and call out to him. He invites us to leave. We ask him for the key to Castle Bluvat and he invites us to leave again. We do so.

We camp one hour to the North. I take third watch with Sovalis and when Took wakes us he alerts us to the fact that there is no sound of life, at all. He feels that we are being watched. Sovlis casts a spell with a wandering eye and spots a skeletal bird that flys away. The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

We find the Castle, the lich, a fight, a key.

Thanks be to Wygarth.

-Thus says Qber

Investigate the Warehouse Theft

What a lovely morning to embark on an investigation. It must have been quite an operation that managed to steal an entire warehouse of goods without being noticed. Well off to breakfast, and then to work!

Ah, investigation nothing is better than spending a few months uncovering the details of a convoluted merchant’s scheme to gain economic advantage. We went to the warehouse to see how the theft could have happened. I posed as a raw goods merchant in need of storage space. The manager gave us a tour of the facility which is a sturdy, if typical, example of its kind. He admitted that there was a break in of some size a few weeks back and suggested that the entry was gained by breaking one of his main doors. There are no admitted witnesses, but 6-8 houses are located such that the occupants could have see what happened if they were awake.

We decided to see if the sewers provided access to the warehouse from below. After a few hours of wandering the sewers we find no way to get under the warehouse. Mud, slime, rats, yes. Clues, no. We follow the sewers to find the outlet, exit through there and head home.

Took wanted to meet his urchin contact and I tagged along. He was supposed to meet him at lunch and we were a few hours late and the urchin was nowhere to be found. I also don’t think he works for the mercenary guild anymore since he blew off his shift to wander around with us and didn’t seem to care.

Took told me of a dream on the walk back to the house. He needs to talk to Alecto!

We returned to the house where Sovalis tells us of a great and grand dream that starts today, covers the warehouse investigation, tracking in the sewers, an odd Fey creature in a fancy house, and the opening of a message from Belle’s kingdom the opening of which triggers the end of days and our existence in another Calmer.

Took told us all of a dream he had that overlaps Sovalis’s. The same dream he told me about.

Wygarath is common to both dreams so we decided to speak to him. Much was learned, including the need to talk to the top mage in the city.

We talked to him, and he thought we were a little odd with an interesting, if not credible, story. Then Belle pulled out the Gem which he identified, and turned serious as he realized we were telling the truth. He offered to teleport us to the destination of our choice. I described the sub-basement of the VanDivrees estate and he said he could hit that target with ease.

Don’t overlook the God Erendel.

On the way home we get distracted by a fallen cart. It was knocked over by some kind of animal that came out of an alley and up a main street toward the square. We arrived at the cart about 5 minutes after the event, we follow the distraction to an alley where the beast climbed to the roof. Bell tracked it along the roof tops while Took and I followed on the Street Sovellis enabled us to speak with Belle from a distance as we raced along. The track seemed to head toward the bay. Sovellis runs to the house to get rest of the Retrievers and we all head toward the bay with the rendezvous point at the Stowaway Inn.

On the way to the Bay our families pay us a visit.

-This is the Word of Qber

The Mountain Pass

(Translated from Hieratic Nithian)

The mountain trail was not particularly difficult to traverse. However, much to our surprise, at a narrow pass with sheer cliffs on either side, our path was blocked by a small group of bearded devils, mighty warriors from the infernal realms. Fearing the worst, we attacked them, hoping to reach the lost youths in time.

In the lands of the Traldar, a common compliment given to an aggressive warrior is to say that he “fights like a devil”, and I had never realized the gravity of such a statement until facing this infernal regiment. We Retrievers fought valiantly and bravely, using both muscle and magic, but the devils were very powerful, dealing grievous wounds to us all. Thalia, an honorable paladin of the northern realms, and myself, did our best to heal the party from the myriad infirmities that they suffered, but the longer we fought, the more suffering we were dealt, and devil reinforcements kept teleporting in, swarming and surrounding us. It was clear that we had lost the fight, but the devils, for one reason or another, were hesitant to finish us off. I chose to finally surrender, seeing that, if I did not, there was a chance none of us would see the rising of thy holy Sun, Lord Mitra.

Upon surrendering, the devils ceased their brutality immediately, which was fortunate, since one of our party members, the young and stalwart bolt-mistress* Bel, was very close to death. Their commanding officer then appeared, a mighty winged Erinyes, stunning and deadly, and we were teleported to a guarded section of their encampment. Surprisingly, we were treated with care and respect, showing a level of fairness and decorum that I would not expect from such regularly-maligned beings. The only one of us that they treated somewhat harshly was Thalia, who was bound and gagged, due to the paladin’s natural enmity and supernatural prowess in dealing with members of the infernal realms.

The Erinyes then entered our enclosure and explained that her regiment was embroiled in a conflict with denizens from another plane, who had taken control of a nearby cave, and that the missing youths had wandered into it. She explained that if her regiment were discovered by the nearby townspeople, it would be detrimental to their campaign, which would, ultimately, benefit the area. She subsequently posed a deal for us: she would free us to enter the cave and save the youths if we agreed to not tell the local townspeople, who would meddle in their affairs. It was a fair deal, especially considering the number of townspeople who would be slaughtered if they decided to assault the devilish regiment, and because we merely wished to free the youths and return them to safety. We agreed to the terms after a short debate, and were freed to make our way to the cave. Unaware were we, Lord Mitra, of the mind-twisting horrors that we would soon face.

(*There is no word for “sharp-shooter” in High Nithian. Purnanjabat uses instead a feminine form of the word huryanam, or “master of the crossbow”. -Ed.)

Golden Retrievers

(translated from Hieratic Nithian)

All glory be to thee, Mitra, Lord of Wide Pastures,
Lord of the Thousand Eyes,
Ever-Vigilant, Ever-Watchful.
Might of the Sun, Herald of the Dawn, Healer of the sick,
whose hallowed tongue, enveloped in sacred flame, speaks only truth.
I, Ramir Purnanjabat, Son of Vigeta, Initiate of the Holy Order of Falaqim,
hereby write of my deeds to glorify thy name.

It was thy will, Lord Mitra, that my previous journal, which had spoken of my travels from the glorious lands of Nithia to the strange and beautiful kingdoms of Karameikos, was destroyed when it fell into the water at a rather simple river crossing. As such, I shall not question thy divine will, but shall merely begin anew, and revisit those memories at a later time. Where to begin? I shall say that it was through your divine providence, Lord Mitra, that I have joined the group of adventurers known as the Golden Retrievers, and my heart has been glad for it, for they are an honorable and kind group of individuals. In our short time together, there have been many trials and tribulations that we have weathered together, and I know that many more await us. However, I am emboldened by their camaraderie, and by the knowledge that with every hardship, my will shall be tempered as a blade in a forge.

My compatriots and I had set sail for the port city of Calmer, and I had been below decks, praying and meditating for hours, and finally falling into a dreamless sleep, when we were caught in a massive storm of sinister proportions which destroyed the mast of our ship. Some of our party members claim to have seen an unholy wolf god of eastern lands at the onset of the storm. It is curious to note that a former member of our party, an eastern noble known as Tetsuga, hailed from the same lands as this horrible deity. I pray to thee, Lord Mitra, that Tetsuga’s soul rests in peace and tranquility, but the story of his demise shall come soon.Whatever its cause, the storm eventually dissipated, and we were forced to dock at a small coastal town known as Woods Hollow.

There, we learned of the disappearance of two youths, a boy and girl, lovers, who had run off into the mountains to escape the enmity of their respective families. As such, we came into the employ of their families, one, a noble household who lived on a vast estate, and the other, a more pastoral people, similar to the Vadruni travelers of my homeland.

We followed their trail up into the mountains, thanks in part to the tracking talents of the lithe and intelligent Qber, an exemplary member of the diminutive halfling race. As we did so, we encountered a fierce troll who attacked us, but due to the nature of our diverse and powerful talents, was quickly dispatched. We continued along the trail, giving praise to thee, Lord Mitra, that the tracks continued, and that the youths did not appear to have been attacked by any other unsavory creatures. However, we quickened our pace, knowing that the longer it took for us to find them, the less likely it would be to guarantee their safety.

Mark's Notes
  1. . Early Spring: at the Swampy Refuge Inn
    1. . In a lowland that becomes a swamp in the spring
      1. . it is likely that the Inn floods
    2. . The inn has 6 floors 5 up, one down, it’s made of wood except the stone foundation / main room
    3. The main room is in the basement level
      1. long bar made of shipping crates
      2. . Scattered tables and chairs
      3. i. most smoke goes up the chimney but not all
    4. 3 private dining rooms also on basement level
      1. unlocked unless rented
    5. Keeps folks stuff secure when needed
      1. 3 copper / week for my general stuff
    6. Staff: >12 some with families
      1. most human, some halfling, some 1⁄2 elf
      2. . Thered Southfill owner / proprietor – makes a GOOD living
        1. Keeps several trusted employees
          1. Mattian – in charge of the stable, highest paid other than
          2. Marcus – bar manger, ensures there is always food and
            drink etc.
          3. Brea and Mirabelle – most commonly working floor staff
          4. Insul – upper floor private bouncer, probably employed by
            the residents of the second floor. Dragonborn (Silver).
        2. A few employees who were guests who couldn’t pay tabs
    7. A few buildings outside
      1. barn with craftsman
      2. . stable
      3. i. dorm for workers
      4. . buildings that house workshops for fancier craftsman
      5. wash house
    8. There is a “danger” area where chamber pots are dumped
      1. Guests:
      2. Nobles from various lands
      3. Come to offer quests
        1. find special magic ingredients
        2. map a castle
        3. slight those who have slighted me
        4. etc.
          1. . Gamblers
          2. i. Prostitutes
          3. . All kinds of folks profiting from the adventurers
    9. Upper floors have more successful courtesans, adventurers, etc.
      1. Some of the courtesans have their rooms open for guests
      2. . 3rd floor
        1. Lojad – page from a big city batches work for several families
      3. i. 5th floor
        1. Cleric that healed Took of his aging. His “room” is a forest grove
    10. Adventurers
      1. 2 dozen have passed through in the past few days
        1. Dirk, Feck , and Namen – seem to be a group
          1. Dirk fighter type
          2. Feck’s a melee guy, combat skills more like my own
          3. Namen has ties to the gods, holy symbol non-standard symbol of Zirchev the Huntsman (local pantheon). More about the protection and good rather than being outside
          4. Arrived 3 days ago
        2. Two female adventurers (not a group)
          1. Hayllin – female fights without weapons. Very good singer and knows many songs
          2. Tilsa – fights from a distance (bow)
        3. Eyelan
          1. Elf carries a rapier and wears light armour. Always wears a cloak, even inside. Reedy fellow not into seafaring elven stories
        4. Lelyrin
          1. Blue skinned humanoid with 2 inch horns coming from the top of his head (tiefling). Sits in the room with his back to the wall brooding. When he gets drunk tries to be outgoing but is not very good at it. One night got charged double by one of the working ladies.
        5. Couple of 1⁄2 elves
          1. Another dwarf
          2. Rogath Ambershard – looks like an old Dwarf (800-900 yrs old). Customer, fixture in the common room, drinks. Friendly but stoic and quiet. (Retired)
      2. . Outside two merchants
        1. Leaving the area soon since they are stocked up. When ready to leave in 2-3 days they will need guards
    11. Qber (me)
      1. arrived 7 days ago
      2. . Sleep in the common room, or outside to mix things up
      3. i. chatty, likes tocollect stories
    12. Lady Thalia Canus (Gary)
      1. Human
      2. . God Freyja on shield. Old breastplate, nice blue dress that is a bit out of fashion and has a few spots where it was mended
      3. i. Her name rings a bell but I can’t place it
      4. . Has a light war horse
    13. Brenrick Darenkurst (Matt)
      1. Human, young, early 20’s
      2. . Brown hair to chin, 6’ tall, 180 lbs, right shoulder into chest has a big scar well treated and has full mobility. Large birthmark (oblong with 3 lines) on left side of neck.
      3. i. boots, pants, standard rugged clothes
      4. . Is asking everyone questions, especially races other than humans
      5. Likes to lead drinking, songs, and merriment
      6. . works with Marcus to help out around the place, chops wood
    14. Belle (Even)
      1. Super tall 6’3”, lanky, doesn’t talk to many people
      2. . Horrible scarred face on right side, burns
      3. i. Spends time cleaning, polishing, and hollowing out a metal tube with ornamental wood and mechanics
      4. . Ends up near the person buying drinks and gets bought drinks more often than not.
    15. Kelnor (Tony)
      1. Human 6’, 200 lbs
      2. . Chain shirt with a tabard, 2 daggers and a throwing axe
      3. i. Is from a city state that lost a war 5 years ago and is no longer there. The winning city state killed, or enslaved the losers. Males of fighting age were either sold as slaves or killed.
      4. . Likes to eat with gusto and works for Marcus to earn his keep
      5. Speaks a dwarven and Alphiemian. Talks to Thalia but is a bit shy with the ladies of the evening (uncomfortable with sex)
      6. . got here 3 days ago
    16. Tetsuga (Nick)
      1. Japanese, Human
      2. . Long black hair in ponytail, mostly
      3. i. Wears a long odd think curved sword
      4. . Has been working for the merchants for the past few weeks
  2. We take a job with merchants
    1. Going to Fort Guiden
    2. On the Shrill River
    3. Site of a sizable militia and is a trading hub for the area
    4. Have a main guy Tetsuga who has been coordinating protection
      1. Played by Nick
    5. Attacked by goblins
      1. Found 180sp
      2. . 11 small javelins
      3. i. in the backpack found squid tentacles, Tony eats it
      4. . get 7 GP
    6. 325 xp
    7. Current total 1725 xp
  3. Inn Keeper hired us to explore ruins
    1. Shrill river on mainland. The island is straight out from that, 5-6 hours out by
    2. You can pay a fisherman 5gp to get us out and then schedule a return trip On an island Guiden’s Hill Sanctified Alter in the ruin, to the forest mother god immortal of Nature Ordana
      From main cove 3-4 days north on a logging road To the south are lizard men GOAL: retrieve an artifact from ruin
      1. Large horn filled with oak leaves
      2. . We must give all sanctified items back
      3. i. We keep anything else we find
      4. . Return of horn pays 300gp
    3. Gathered info at Inn
      1. Adventurers go to the hill a few times a year
      2. . Site of an ancient civilisation and
      3. i. Now only occupied by monstrous humanoids
      4. . Fort on the river on the island
      5. From a person who has been to the Fort
        1. Talk to the militia men and not the officers
        2. There is a Pub of sorts in the second division
          1. Barkeep named Arnan knows the lay of the land and has proven trustworthy
          2. Likes rare fortified liquors. He is at a trading hub so it has to be rare to get his attention.
            1. Buying a bottle from Nihlus a cleric at the Inn
              1. 15gp down to 13gp
              2. Dwarven liquor, I don’t drink
              3. Threw in 3 doses of a healing potion
          3. . In heavy armour, holy symbol is circle, rough edged with a living plant in the center. Very fancy version of it. Terra, Yamuga, Mother Earth, animal earth law protection. Major player in many pantheons.
          4. Fort Guiden Info from end of quest:
          5. Mapped the whole camp, military and hangers on
          6. . Mapped the keep
          7. i. Found various religious pockets in both areas
          8. . Investigated the underground
            1. isn’t a formal one but there is a lot of unsavory stuff in the open like child prostitution, gambling, etc.
          9. Officers not cool, miss-treat their staff
            1. Jerris
              1. General
            2. Lt generals who are the worst of the offenders
              1. Layton, in charge of foot soldiers
              2. Quenton, in charge of the Calvary
              3. Norris, in charge of irregular needs (ranged etc)
        3. Returned horn to inn, sold the Hobgoblin crown for 1500gp and future work
          1. got 600 quest completion XP
            1. Spent some time at the inn
              1. Talked over 3 quests
              2. Raiders
              3. Fight orcs
              4. Going to the castle
                1. Hired by an excited professional bureaucrat lord. Van DeVries, Third nobel from the big city.
                2. . Was a historic home of the DeVries family, 200 years ago
                3. i. We find the records included items used to make fire weapons and / or summon demons.
                4. . It occurs to us that maybe they needed them to defend against creatures vulnerable to fire
                5. We get 2000gp each for the quest
                  1. 500gp down each and the rest at complete
                  2. We get to keep all treasure not related to the historical owners
                  3. We get 10% of the contents of the castle
                6. . Gather info about our patron to get more info about him and past quests
                  1. WIll often send prople on quests to confirm legends (a theme)
                    1. ex: such in such was a great warrior who died and left an axe behind. Go get it.
                  2. Always pays to the contract. Not a hard bargainer but is a stickler. Likes negotiating better than winning the negotiation
                  3. A woman asks to enter her room
                    1. Remora. Human, pale brunette, looks great in a day dress, looks wealthy.
                    2. Apt is richly appointed, nice carpet, fancy coal stove burning with magic, nice furniture
                    3. Pours us wine in inappropriate glasses
                    4. She says he is a good tipper and has been seeing her for three years. He treats folks as they ask to be treated. He is aware of station.
                    5. She is worried about him. Something seems to have taken ahold of him. Perhaps something is not right in his homeland. Could be strife within the family, his father leads
                      the family and might not make it through the summer. Our quest might be important.
                    6. He offers one quest per season
                    7. She wants us to do a favor
                    8. She asks to have us do her a favor
                      1. “find” a thing she gives us “in the estate or where it is supposed to be if indeed it does not exist”
                      2. Will encourage him for his life back home and she would like to see him succeed
                      3. (she is trying to do what she thinks is best for him)
                      4. This is independent of his ancient estate. It is just a convenient place for it to be found. We must “find” on our mission for him.
          2. i. Prepare to leave
            1. Namen talks to us. We are headed in the same direction so we will travel together. He is the voice of reason in his group and is aware of his own mortality. He seems to want to get to know us more. They are hot shit but we are the next in line. In the future he hopes to retire and have his own church.
              1. They are headed to kill some Orcs and Namen is a bit hesitant about their chances. He might be that way all of the time.
          3. We leave for the castle
            1. We are attacked by small goblins that are evil and unnatural in some weird way. They were working a plan to attack, run away to draw our attention, and the pilfer our stuff.
              1. Quber lost a bed roll
              2. . Talia lost a healing potion
            2. We stop at a small trading post and re-buy what we lost.
            3. We leave the road and head up the castle site
              1. The road is basically a wide forest trail.
              2. . Namen, Feck, and Dyrk choose to tag along
              3. i. A storm is coming tonight
              4. . As we go along the hardwood thick forest becomes more open with more space between the trees and more openings.
              5. We make camp in the early evening to set up for an impending sorm
                1. The storm is a drizzle and fog
              6. . We travel for another day and night
              7. i. On the third day we encounter a man on the trail
                1. We can call him Al, he is a caretaker
                2. He takes us to a HUGE estate
                3. The wall goes as car as we can see on either side of the high iron gate. The wall is topped with iron crenelations
                4. There is a village for 6-7 large families housing what we think are the outside caretakers
                5. We meet the leader Tal. Al then takes us to the main house via a rear servant’s entrance
              8. ii. The house is HUGE 3 floors 1⁄4 mile wide, fronted by a beautiful ornamental garden and a cobbled circular driveway with plenty of room for many carriages to line up waiting for passengers
              9. . We go inside and meet Sadie
              10. We find 2 libraries and a big locked door, we research and then open the
              11. . We do a bunch of stuff
              12. i. The night we stay in the castle and it explodes and we fight 2 big bads
              13. ii. We sanctify the Elven Burial Ground
              14. v. We meet Munnin the Raven Immortal and he tells us stuff. Mainly 3 prophesies
                1. Down the road one of your parents waits with nothing but murder and malice
                2. One who is worried about being discovered by family their worry is misplaced
                3. The one who is worried about their heritage should plan for the future
              15. . We fight my father at the inn. We fight stuff in the night while losing time. We don’t know why.
          4. Back at the Swampy Refuge Inn
            1. Meet Thaila’s brother
            2. Sell a bunch of stuff
            3. Speak with Lojad for work
              1. May only discuss in the Inn 2st floor or higher
              2. . In his city (Calmer) group that worships Korotiku. Recently making deals that impact the political landscape. Might be a breakaway group that takes the worship a bit too seriously. Does that group exist and what are their plans.
            4. LOUD peal of thunder
              1. Matt’s Cleris friends worships on the spot where the lighning struck
              2. . He is dead, torn apart. Managed to scrawl “KOJISL” in his own blood. I ID it as a transliteration of his natural language into troldaran. Only a part of the word. Tetsuga puts it together that he is probably referencing to Kojislku the wolf imortal of war, pain, frenzy, and warlike slaughter. It is a really bad thing to revere this immortal.
              3. i. Tried to investigate the answer is above our pay grade
          5. Took a Job in a big city
            1. Swampy Inn POC: Lelorian
            2. Job is in city of Calmer to investigate a cult of Coratiku.
            3. POC in Celmir: Ziflin meeting a the Inn of Feast and Flour
            4. Payment Scheme (see spreadsheet)
              Number in 5
              days 60
              work 180 total days 240 rate 104.17 rate each 17.36 existence 25000 20k if we prove they don’t exist
              ID members 0 based on member’s Ids (0-20k)
              objectives 0 25k for reliable info
              Total each 4166.67
          6. We get attacked by Manticores on the road. They said “they have come to us my brothers.”
          7. We arrive at Guiden’s Fort
            1. Matt’s old chr was killed, we investigate. It was Tetsuga’s brother who was looking for us!
            2. We get a boat
          8. On the Boat
            1. all good, nice elvish female first mate
            2. big storm, broken mast, heroic saving of horses
          9. Land crippled boat in town: Wood’s Hollow
            1. Three leaders
              1. Breast plate : Sherif Neferidge
              2. Not that impressed with Stayton
              3. . Father Arcalus : god = Ixion god of justice
              4. i. Magistrate looking guy : Stanton DeBrasso, eldest son of the DeBrasso family. Anse is the patriarch
                1. Owns everything you can see from the mountaintop (Neferidge adds, “this side of the river”)
                2. They are not noble, just rich
                3. Steer clear of the Alevies, they are having issues with the DeBrassos. They are locals who live in the woods and live off the land.
                4. Steward of the household
                5. Nevick is the liaison between the staff and the family. We meet him about town as he is riding doing errands.
                6. Rene ran off with Stefallis last night
                  1. The Feudx
                    1. 10 years ago Eldrith DeBrasso ritually killed Mindrith Alievie. The next day the Alievies took revenge. Feud ever since.
                    2. . 6 years ago the DeBrasso’s caught the Eldrith stealing and eating livestock.
                  2. Big stable
                    1. Run by Sarah Talbot
                    2. . 3cp / horse / ?
                  3. DeGrasso land has lots of rules.
                    1. Do not hunt not on their land without permission
                    2. .
                  4. The square is the the right of the dock
                  5. To the left of the dock is The Hollow the local inn
                    1. go to arrange the rooms for us
                    2. . Inn keeper: Proxana
                      1. We rent the 4th floor
                  6. Alievie
                    1. Approached by Anders, wants to meet with his “Pappy”
                    2. . They speak Havalian, an old language of a sea faring migrant group whose culture has slipped into only a few stationary pockets.
                    3. i.

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