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  • Calmer

    h2. City of "Calmer":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/swampy-refuge-inn/maps/32901 On a ship slowly sailing into the the port of Calmer, the city's grandeur immediately impresses itself upon the viewer. The city radiates from the port out to …

  • House of Pots

    A quiet Inn in the city of Calmer, The House of Pots provides a bed to travellers through the City of Calmer. Located off the main road to the Dock the House of Pots isn't affiliated with any of the ruling Trader Houses of the city, and so provides cheap …

  • Vzani

    One of the five powerful families that run a center of [[Calmer]]. Mostly responsible for manufacturing and magic. Runs the only school of magic in [[Calmer]], frowns on the use of divination and compulsion spells within the city (or, really, at all).

  • sideways Calmer

    The city of sideways Calmer is a bastion of laws. It uses it's position as the major hub of trading to enforce strict rules concerning the transportation of goods, and where it can it enforces its own culture upon it's neighbours and trading partners. …

  • Zyphlin

    * [[Alecto]] let on that Zyph and his [[Vzani|family]] has been compromised.