City of Calmer

On a ship slowly sailing into the the port of Calmer, the city’s grandeur immediately impresses itself upon the viewer. The city radiates from the port out to the slopes of the nearby hills like creeping juniper. Sounds of city life drift toward the listeners in snippets of conversation with the deep bass of distant banging or the sharp report of metal clashing against metal all accompanying the common din endemic to large cities. When the ship pulls into a slip the scents of many food on the nearby docks floods the nostrils while the crowds on the streets above swirl about, locked in a choreographed dance.

As dusk settles upon the city, tall brass-capped towers catch the final rays of the sun while darker shale slated roofs gather the gloom. A hush settles over the city as the lights of the square and main roads carve paths of safety, bringing travellers and locals alike together in community.

Calmer is a large city, a sprawling city, also a city of great wealth. Being the largest port on the coast, the city provides all services and goods found elsewhere, and often a few only to be found from distant, alien cultures. Calmer accepts the strange, the bizarre, but has been known to take its toll on those living within. Many merchants are entrapped by the offerings of the city, and more than one noble was last sighted carousing in the King’s Hall.

The city is lorded over by five great trading houses, each of which have come to some sort of agreement with each other in order to establish peace within the city. This peace is highly regarded and enforced, but rarely stands true without caveat. Open friendship with intrigue is the order of the day.

  • The Square
    • Wide open courtyard of nearly an acre
    • Roads radiate out from here, and a confusing latticework of side roads and alleys provide access to the inner portion of the city
    • serves as a meeting place for official gatherings, military exercising, and merchant trains
  • Town Hall
    • Where official while away their day
  • City Centers
    • inappropriately named, the City Centers are just the parts of the city without main roads. Each center has its own culture, taverns, guildsmen, and the like. Occassionally there are conflicts between city centers, but its rare
  • GuildHomes
    • a collection of large buildings that share a garden common lawn, the Guildhomes houses each of the major guilds in the city, including the Smiths, the Merchants, and even the City Guard HeadQuarters
  • House of Pots

Swampy Inn point of contact who hired us to come here: Lelorian

Job is to investigate a cult of Koratiku.

Assets in Calmer:

  • Ziflin: point of contact given by Lelorian
    • Meet at the Inn of Feast and Flour
    • Our “friendly” devil says he, and his whole family, worships Koratiku and is of the cult.

Places to stay

  • Inn of Feast and Flower: place to meet Ziflin
    • Close to the Square in Ziza territory
  • House of Pots: Rooms only, no common room or kitchen. 3 rooms that house 6 people are 1GP / week. We paid for the first two weeks.
    • in neutral territory off the road near the docks
  • Kings Hall: the best inn in the city. A place of renown.
    • Situated on the City Square, nearly half the size of Swampy Refuge
  • Stowaway Inn: this is where the Kids from Woods Hollow are staying, Renee deBrasseo and Strafalis Alevi.
    • a flea-bag hotel on the docks

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