Guidon's Fort

Guidons Fort

Built along the eastern shore of the mighty Shrike River, this fort is the very image of ruthless efficiency. Laid out in a grid pattern, each of four legions make up a quadrant, each quadrant boasts a central logistical zone including each legion’s blacksmiths, procurement officer, sergeant general, and stablery. Large tents meticulously spaced mark straight, wide roads and house a platoon of up to 15 people each. Occasionally, an empty tent will be let to non-military assets.

South of the well-ordered military tent city is a chaotic ramble of tents of civilian support, a fishing flotilla, and a merchant shipping hub. Nearly anything from anywhere can be found for purchase here, though the price reflects the rarity, and morals are rarely an aspect of a sale. Despite living tangentially off of the military, the members of this subcommunity rarely interact with them. Crime is a part of life, and rarely gets reported, though people are generally safe if they are not making targets of themselves.

Above the ordered sprawl and its ever-changing extension sits the restored Castle Shrike. Housing the officer class of the military and important merchants or dignitaries, the Castle boasts the most skilled laborers and the best availability of high quality goods in the region. The courtyard within the walls of the castle could hold population of the tent city, but not comfortably or for long.

The Hill

A trip on a chartered fishing vessel takes about four hours to reach the island often called ‘The Hill’. The eastern landing area is ostensibly controlled by goblins, the southern swamps by lizard men, northern east is controlled by hobgoblins. The western section is controlled by orcs, but there are many aberrations that wander the land.

The Hill itself is dominated by a steep peak that crests in the clouds that gather over island. None of the races go up there, and each has a different fanciful tale as to why. At night, the peak often glows very subtly with an orange haze.

Guidon's Fort

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