Van Devries Estate

The Van Devries Estate

This ancient estate is a long forgotten holding of the Van Devries family. The only road to the estate is a barren mountain pass that leads over a land bridge connecting two high, snowy peaks. Shortly after passing the high point, the road ends at an enormous gate that bears an antiquated Van Devries crest. The land on the far side of the gate shows evidence of the estate’s former grandeur, but is now wilted and grey under a thick layer of clouds.


On the grounds of the estate is an old servants village. As the number of servants have dwindled they have abandoned the buildings, leaving all but 6 in complete disrepair. The locals that are left there are a strange bunch, owing mostly to the fact that they have had almost no contact with outsiders. Though they do have a predilection for saying and doing creepy things, occasionally with an insight or foreknowledge that seems well beyond their ken.

Estate House

The estate house is a vast sprawling mansion that defies immediate comprehension. Nearly 200 feet wide standing 2 stories with rooftop balconies, the building is set deep into a 5 acre manicured garden. The garden sits largely untended, the plants formerly overgrown and now withered. The house was once white, but now an uneven sun-ruined grey. Several of the boards on the outside of the house are broken, and the windows sit unshuddered yet unbroken.

The first floor of the mansion is in impeccable order, having been fastidiously tended by the ‘house crew’ for generations. The crew for over a generation now has refused to go to the second floor, which is now thick with dust and memories.

The Bone Tower

Weird bier in the woods, the locals bury bodies in the swamp for a year, then exhume them and add their dead to a tower of bone on a cape in the swamp. It’s big and creepy, but [seems] otherwise innocent.

Van Devries Estate

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