A Swampy Refuge

Awake in a new world

Ramir and Sovalis had a good night. Took and I did not. At least the girls did not attempt a direct attempt on their life.

The night was life changing for Sovalis. He achieved a transcendent state where he had some kind of out of body experience where he gained understanding, total understanding. He tells us a tale, somewhat believable, of us being travelers in dual worlds and how we must heal the rift.

We speak with Wygarth. He captured the necromancer and tells us the location of The Brazier. It is in Castle Bluvat which lies several days travel to the North.

I spend some time talking to Conan the Librarian about the location of the Castle Bluvat. (I remember that “Bluvat” is a word meaning “Bluff” as in cliff in a common Northern language called Ostland. Strange that a castle this far south is so named). I meet the rest of the group at the North Gate at lunch time.

We pass an old fork in the road with only one way passable, up. In the mountains we find a wide shallow stream and ford across. I cast fly on Took so he can stay dry and fully armored. He carries Dog and I across. The stream is not water. It’s some kind of sweet alcohol but is not clean and my attempts to filter it fail. I fill a water skin with the alcohol trying to get as little of the sediment in it as possible.

At the end of the day we come across a 4 story tower in a tight valley. There is a sign of some sort with faded words in the old Northern language of Ostlinder. There is the word “groundskeeper” that seems to be marred in some way. There is also a mention of 800 that might be part of a date in a elvish calendar. It would align with the time of the old Elvish kingdom in this region.

Took opens the big stuck double doors at the entrance and as I walk in I choke and gag on the dust that is kicked up. I spend some time cleaning the room with prestidigitation. We search it and notice a set of crates near the fireplace. Took opens the crates to find they are filled with glass alchemical equipment. I’ll use them later to clean the alcohol I gathered from the river. I slip a funnel and a wide bottomed flask into my pack.

The second floor is a large arcane lab with many workstations. It was 1/2 packed to move out of the tower. There is less dust, it’s not clean but not as bad as below.

The Third floor is a bedroom dominated by a huge canopy bed. The fire burns petrified logs without heat. Sovalis figures out that the fire is a “bone fire” caused by some sort of ritual of the dead. The ritual would not last more than a few days so there has been someone evil here who cast the evil ritual. This room has NO dust. There are drawers under the bed with underclothes and wizard robes. The desk is covered in papers. I spend some time with Sovalis to read the magical writings. The normal basis of the arcane is Draconic, this guy is attempting to combine an ancient language of the Fey to create something new. Crazy rambling that doesn’t make sense with pining for a lost love intermixed. Some of the observations are actually quite astute. Sovalis remembers a tale of the founding of Clamer. Specifically of the war with the Elves in which a mage named Revenmar was instrumental in the humans triumph. He had a wife that was cursed to live forever with a thirst for drinking from living beings and Revenmar vowed to live until she could rest. Sovalis’s revelation said the “other us” fought her recently in the “other Castle Bluvat”, she got away.

The fourth floor, I see a lich lying in wait. We retreat back down stairs and call out to him. He invites us to leave. We ask him for the key to Castle Bluvat and he invites us to leave again. We do so.

We camp one hour to the North. I take third watch with Sovalis and when Took wakes us he alerts us to the fact that there is no sound of life, at all. He feels that we are being watched. Sovlis casts a spell with a wandering eye and spots a skeletal bird that flys away. The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

We find the Castle, the lich, a fight, a key.

Thanks be to Wygarth.

-Thus says Qber


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