A Swampy Refuge

Investigate the Warehouse Theft

What a lovely morning to embark on an investigation. It must have been quite an operation that managed to steal an entire warehouse of goods without being noticed. Well off to breakfast, and then to work!

Ah, investigation nothing is better than spending a few months uncovering the details of a convoluted merchant’s scheme to gain economic advantage. We went to the warehouse to see how the theft could have happened. I posed as a raw goods merchant in need of storage space. The manager gave us a tour of the facility which is a sturdy, if typical, example of its kind. He admitted that there was a break in of some size a few weeks back and suggested that the entry was gained by breaking one of his main doors. There are no admitted witnesses, but 6-8 houses are located such that the occupants could have see what happened if they were awake.

We decided to see if the sewers provided access to the warehouse from below. After a few hours of wandering the sewers we find no way to get under the warehouse. Mud, slime, rats, yes. Clues, no. We follow the sewers to find the outlet, exit through there and head home.

Took wanted to meet his urchin contact and I tagged along. He was supposed to meet him at lunch and we were a few hours late and the urchin was nowhere to be found. I also don’t think he works for the mercenary guild anymore since he blew off his shift to wander around with us and didn’t seem to care.

Took told me of a dream on the walk back to the house. He needs to talk to Alecto!

We returned to the house where Sovalis tells us of a great and grand dream that starts today, covers the warehouse investigation, tracking in the sewers, an odd Fey creature in a fancy house, and the opening of a message from Belle’s kingdom the opening of which triggers the end of days and our existence in another Calmer.

Took told us all of a dream he had that overlaps Sovalis’s. The same dream he told me about.

Wygarath is common to both dreams so we decided to speak to him. Much was learned, including the need to talk to the top mage in the city.

We talked to him, and he thought we were a little odd with an interesting, if not credible, story. Then Belle pulled out the Gem which he identified, and turned serious as he realized we were telling the truth. He offered to teleport us to the destination of our choice. I described the sub-basement of the VanDivrees estate and he said he could hit that target with ease.

Don’t overlook the God Erendel.

On the way home we get distracted by a fallen cart. It was knocked over by some kind of animal that came out of an alley and up a main street toward the square. We arrived at the cart about 5 minutes after the event, we follow the distraction to an alley where the beast climbed to the roof. Bell tracked it along the roof tops while Took and I followed on the Street Sovellis enabled us to speak with Belle from a distance as we raced along. The track seemed to head toward the bay. Sovellis runs to the house to get rest of the Retrievers and we all head toward the bay with the rendezvous point at the Stowaway Inn.

On the way to the Bay our families pay us a visit.

-This is the Word of Qber


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