sideways walking magistrates

The Walking Magistrates are the judgicial class of sideways Calmer. They are the final voice of justice for nearly every crime in the city. Major crimes, or high profile crimes, may see a courtroom, and have accordingly harsher punishments.

Minor crimes are subject nominal fees, ranging from several silver to a few gold. Minor crimes are fighting without intent to kill, interfering with business, petty theft, bothering a guard or magistrate with intent to distract.

Moderate crimes are subject to larger fees, from several gold to several dozen gold. Punishments may also include some sort of restitution, confiscation of personal items, or removal from society ( a temporary ostracization lasting for not more than 3 months). Crimes of this magnitude are theft of valuable property, most kinds of assaults, interfering with the guard or magistrates, engaging in political or economic intrigue, and organizing boycotts.

Major crimes are subject to massive fees, on the order of thousands of gold, complete ostracization with branding (so other societies know of their crimes), and at the most extreme the convicted will be stripped of all belongings, and taken by ship to a faraway land and deposited on those barren shores. Crimes of this magnitude are murder with intent, lying that caused a miscarriage of justice, theft of major valuables or commodities, the use of magic to harm or benefit from the local economy unscrupulously.

The walking magistrates are highly regarded, but there are stories of favouritism and persecution. The establishment holds that these are aberrations, lone occurrences by weak justices. The establishment rarely investigates claims of corruption, but has on rare occasions ostracized guilty magistrates.

sideways walking magistrates

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